Top Surfing Beaches in Asia

If you are looking for the next destination to surf and relax, look no further than the largest continent in the world: Asia! Filled with both vibrant cultures and serene spots, the continent has a lot to offer for intrepid travelers and zen wanderers alike. It’s definitely one of the best places to ride the waves and be one with the ocean too.

With the abundance of beaches in Asia, you might be fooled into thinking that every beach is good for surfing. As many surfers will tell you, that’s not always the case. Thankfully, with a continent as large as Asia, awesome surfing spots are not in shortage.

In this article, I take you on a tour through some of the best surf spots in Asia to help you plan your next surfing trip.

Best Surf Spots in Asia

When people mention surfing, Asia isn’t probably one of the first things to jump in their minds. People’s first thoughts may drift somewhere towards California or maybe Australia. Despite this, surfers know that some of the best and most rewarding places to ride the waves are in Asia!

Whether you’re a beginner or professional surfer, here are some of the best beaches in Asia for surfing:


The Philippines is one of the top destinations for surfers of all levels. As an archipelagic country that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Philippine Sea, and the South China Sea, the Philippines has an abundance of prime spots for surfers of all levels. In fact, some islands have made a name for themselves as some of the best places to surf worldwide.



Dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, Siargao is recognized internationally by surfers of all levels. Exposed to strong waves of the Pacific Ocean, many surfers find that surfing in Siargao can be both equally chill and challenging! The island also has many local surfing enthusiasts and instructors, so you are sure that you’ll be safe whenever you ride the waves.


The Cloud 9 beach houses one of the most popular breaks in the world. Many surfers would attest to just how high and majestic the swells are in this beach. Interestingly, the name Cloud 9 isn’t even related to surfing–it comes from a local chocolate bar which two surfers coincidentally bought the day the swells rose incredibly high! The break here is very challenging and is sure to give seasoned surfers a good thrill.


It would be wrong of me to not include Baler when we talk about Philippine destinations to surf. Baler is located in Northern Luzon with a travel time of 6 hours from Manila. As the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, this island is definitely a go-to destination for avid surfing enthusiasts.


It is a good beginner-friendly surfing spot, with lively instructors and a cozy atmosphere. It’s also one of the most affordable places to go surfing, with surfboard rentals that cost around USD7-8 per hour. Baler Bay is often considered one of the best spots to begin surfing, especially with the friendliest instructors around.


With an impressive 54,716 km coastline, Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world. It has some of the most popular beaches in Asia and is one of the best surfing spots in the world. While there are many coastlines that you should visit, I listed down some of the beaches that you absolutely should visit.


Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a famous beach worldwide, rivaling the beaches of Hawaii and Australia. This beach is especially known for its exciting beach breaks. Although the downside is that it does get quite crowded during peak seasons.


Despite its riveting breaks and swells, the area is actually quite a beginner friendly. The crowd is lively and especially friendly too. Aside from that, Kuta Beach has good surfing schools in the area which makes it one of the best places to start riding the waves.

Uluwatu Beach

If you are way beyond the beginner mark and looking for powerful and fast waves to ride, then you should check out Indonesia’s Uluwatu Beach. Located under a cliff bank, this beach has a great variety of waves and swells, providing ample challenge for intermediate and advanced surfers.


Aside from the challenging swells, Uluwatu Beach also offers a beautiful panoramic view for its visitors. When you’re resting from surfing or simply feeling chill, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and its lively beach crowd. The best part? It’s a little more intimate than Kuta Beach–making it the best haven for advanced surfers out there!

Sumba Island

Sumba Island is the perfect place for surfers and history lovers alike! This island is actually the Spice Island that Ferdinand Magellan was looking for in the 16th century. Today, aside from the exquisite cuisine, Samba Island offers an exclusive surfing retreat for seasoned surfers.


Within Samba Island, one of the best places to visit for your surfing trip is God’s Left. It is an exclusive reef that is reserved for 10 surfers at a time. There you will find left-breaking waves and an outstretched part of Nihi Sumba’s reef which makes it an experience that you will never forget.


Vietnam is probably not the first place you think of when surfing becomes the topic. After all, most media depict it as agricultural farmlands. Beyond the stereotypical depictions of Vietnam lies a certified paradise for surfers.

Bai Dai Beach

If you want elegance, exclusivity, and a surfing vacation that you’ll definitely won’t forget, then visit Bai Dai Beach on your next surfing trip. This beach is the haven of the rich and the famous. Located in Nha Trang, this luxurious beach resort is definitely one of the best surf spots in Asia.


Bai Dai Beach has a young crowd that’s fully accepting of all levels of surfers. You can get quality board rentals in the resort, as well as private surfing lessons with English-speaking instructors. If you want to feel absolutely fancy while riding those waves, then this place is for you.

Nam O Point

Nam O Point is the most popular surfing spot in Vietnam. Located in Da Nang, this open beach provides a challenging yet satisfying swell for experienced surfers. It’s a lovely beach too–with a variety of activities aside from surfing that you might enjoy.


The waves at Nam O Point are not for the faint of heart–nor are they for beginners. The beach break waves favors left, with good quality waves. That being said, it is more suitable for advanced surfers rather than those just starting out.

Vung Tau Beach Club

Located south of Saigon, the Vung Tau Beach Club is the place to be if you’re looking for a surfing spot that screams party! The Vung Tau Beach Club is home to adventurous, stylish, and free-spirited surfers that hit the waves and party freely. It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for socialization and adventure.


The waves are suitable for all surfers, from beginner to pros. And with the crowd that you’ll be mingling with? Well, you’re definitely going to have a lot of fun!

Ride the Asian Waves

When it comes to surfing destinations, some of the best spots are hidden gems. With a continent as large as Asia, I’m pretty sure that there are more unexplored surfing spots that are just waiting to be discovered. Until then, we can always look forward to dropping by the known best surfing spots in the beautiful continent.

Hopefully, this list helped you narrow down and pick a few places that you’d like to visit. Happy surfing!

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