The Roads Least Traveled: Travel Tips for Those Looking for a New Experience

Americans love traveling. The yearly expenditure by American families spent on traveling totals to about $1 trillion. That’s a massive budget for traveling. Moreover, Americans love traveling to well-known places internationally. Although international travels are lower than domestic trips, Americans still spend thousands of dollars visiting various countries in the world. But sometimes, they tend to do the most mainstream activities, which ends up putting them on crowded tourist spots, overrated restaurants, and familiar locations that they have seen way too many times before.

Sometimes we want to spice up our travels. This is a common wish for every American family on vacation. Considering that we spend about $2,000 on these international trips, we would like to experience new things during our vacations. So it’s time to get out of the map and travel the roads least travel. Here are some tips to get you started.

Avoid Travel Tours

Tours are great if you’re on a budget. They can get you an overview of the land and see the best sites for a limited time. It’s great if you want to take a couple of pictures, have a taste of the country’s dishes, and be back home ready for work. However, if you’re looking to experience something new, avoid travel tours.

If you choose to travel without a tour, you’re most probably going to get lost, and that’s a part of the experience! Considering that GPS and the internet exist, you’ll have a good chance of getting back to your hotel in no time. So just savor being lost and see sights you might have missed if you went on tours.

Another benefit of not being on a tour is that you get to manage your own time, go to the places you want to visit, and pace your vacation to your liking. That’s right, you get to be independent, which means that you can make the country you visit your own. By doing this, you can become part of the country’s locals and immerse yourself in their daily lives.

Travel tours can bring you to crowded tourist spots, and this could easily ruin your vacation. So spice things up by planning your own routes and discover the country for yourself!

Walk Instead Of Commuting

Did you know that the average American family spends at least $1,700 on transportation alone during international trips? That’s a lot of money spent on such a mundane thing that lets you miss out on many new experiences.

Walking instead of commuting can help you get the lay of the land much better. It might be tiring at first but, as you get used to it, you can start to enjoy it. Many bloggers who visit many countries all over the world do this all the time. It’s also a great way to stay fit if you plan to go on a food trip. Additionally, you can miss local fast casual chains and restaurant franchises by the side of the road when you commute. By walking, you can pass by these food chains and take a sample of local dishes that you might have otherwise missed by commuting. Walking is also considerably cheaper than commuting, and you can save that $1,700 budget on something else worthwhile.

three people walking together

Meeting Strangers

If you’re feeling confident, you can start chatting with locals via social media sites and ask them if you could meet them during your travels. This is one way you can get help with your travels and maybe reduce the cost of lodging too!

Vloggers on the internet do this all the time. They would talk to strangers and ask them if they could help them out with their trip. Some of these locals would help them for free, while some ask for something in exchange. May it be money or a particular item from their side of the world. You could also tell them that you’re willing to do the same if they visit your country. All of these are viable options.

However, it’s essential to be cautious. Make sure to record all the conversations you have with these strangers and do some background check. Some of them might be out there to exploit you. So make sure you do your research before doing this.

Just a couple of reminders before you go out doing these things. To experience something new, you must invest in learning the country’s language. This is an experience in itself and a worthwhile one at that, too. By learning a country’s language, you can immerse yourself into their lives and live like an actual local. We’re sure that the locals you talk to in their own language will appreciate it as well.

Another reminder is to be courteous to the people you meet. When you follow these tips, you’ll be at the mercy of the people you meet since you’ll be asking them for directions, best-hidden dining spots, and so much more. So by being rude to them, they’ll most likely not help you with your endeavors.

The last thing you should know is don’t be scared. Anyone traveling should be lost at least a couple of times in their journey. It’s an experience made to make yourself grow as an individual. Keep your wits about you, and you should be fine. So get out there and travel the roads least traveled!

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