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Waimanalo Reservoir, is a huge man-made reservoir located on the island of Oahu. The reservoir is lined with a rubberish liner and was built to help with irrigation in the town of Waimanalo, Hawaii. The water is not for consumption.

The Waimanalo Reservoir is managed by the Agricultural Resource Management Division, as part of the Maunawili Ditch System, unauthorized access could land you a charge of criminal trespassing – KAPU. For obvious reasons, there is concern for public safety.

Despite risks involved, the reservoir is a popular recreation spot for teenagers and young adults. Both Oahu residents and visitors alike continue jumping over the fenced area to experience the fun of launching their bodies down the 60-plus feet steep walls of the Waimanalo Reservoir. All the fun really depends on the amount of water being stored in the reservoir. The less rainfall, the less water, the bigger the slide, the more fun involved.

We don’t condone trespassing or breaking laws, but it sure does sound like a lot of fun experiencing a creative way to beat the tropical heat.