Sweet ʻŌkole, After seeing the cover photo to this post you’re either laughing, frowning, or wondering. In modern day the Hawaiian word (which is also associated/used as a Hawaiian Pidgin English word) is referred to your behind, your butt, or rear-end. Relax, relax… the focus is on music, the classic Hawaiian contemporary song by the Beamer brothers, Keola & Kapono; simply timeless.

Sweet Okole is the last song, track 11 of Keola & Kapono Beamers record album entitled “Hawaii’s Keola & Kapono Beamer” which was released in 1975 under the Tantalus Records label. It was later re-released in CD format under the Cord International record label.

I was sitting on the curb without a nickel
And a pretty little girl passed by on her bicycle.
I must confess I was a little bored
But when she passed by she made my spirits soar.
There was something about her that made me change my mood.

She had a sweet-sweeet okole
She had a sweet-sweeeet okole

There’s many fine young men come into this tavern
And you’d think that a glass of beer is what they’re after.
They sit alone in the candlelight
They gaze intensely at the many sights.
What do they want to take home with them tonight?

They want a sweet-sweeeet okole
They want a sweet-sweeeet okole

How I love that sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okole

There was a fine young wrestler from Kalihi
and he built his big strong body eating sashimi.
Girls would scream wherever he went
It wasn’t for his intelligence
They only screamed when he put on his tight black shorts

They were screaming for sweet-sweeet okole
They were screaming for sweet-sweeeet okole

How I love that sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okoooooooooole

Even more Sweet Okole…


TNG (The New Generation) released a hip-hop version entitled “Sweet Okole – Malekowe and The Tradewinds” that was the first track of their nine song album/CD self-entitled “T.N.G. The New Generation” in 1992.



The new Ho’aikane band released an island music version of “Sweet Okole” in 2012, the second song on their 6-track EP release entitled “Sweet Okole” under the CD Baby label.

Per Nā Puke Wehewehe ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Hawaiian online electronic library website:
ʻŌkole – 1. n. Anus, buttocks (less polite than lemu). ʻŌkole maluna, Hawaiian translation of English toast “bottoms up” [this expression is condemned by older Hawaiians as vulgar and indecent because of the sacredness of the human body in, old belief]. (PCP kootole.)