2015 Hawaiian Seers and their children are forced to leave the Hawaiian Islands to hide in the mainland (united states) after a wealthy family known as the entity who are still in control of Hawaiian affairs, even five decades later the Seers are still marked for death to keep the entity families dark past a secret, something worth killing.

Description Genre: (supernatural) 2015 In ancient Hawaiian history the Seers (Kahuna’s) held the supernatural abilities to see peoples past life and their true intentions in the now. Today the Seers are marked for death by a powerful family to keep their secrets of being instrumental in the overthrow of Hawaii’s last reigning monarch Queen Liliuokalani, if this truth comes out the island will never be the same.

Storyline: Set in Las Vegas renamed by the local Hawaiians in the 1980’s who relocated. Based on ancient Hawaiian supernatural powers now being used in 2014 to stay alive, is where we find Renate Lee of the Kalamawaimea ohana. it was her father she’s never met that sent his ohana away with a secret past which eventually she learns who she really is when killers searching for them and not a second sooner other Seer protectors become active fending away the hired assassins of Hawai’is entity. The entity is a secret close net society who truly direct and run the affairs of Hawai’i. And being the Seers are the only ones who know of the entity’s dark past threats is the reason the Seers are marked for death. After centuries of hiding in the mainland the seers past is about to catch up through the unknown drama of the Seers of the Ninth Island.

Samoan actor Sid Liufau has taken on the challenge of creating, writing, and directing the perfect blend of Hawaiian mythology, legends, and fantasies of the past, used in modern times, in a supernatural-drama entitled “Seers Of The Ninth Island”, Poly-Wood Entertainment LLC. Coming Soon. Watch for it.