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Polynesian Proud

Island Emory and Punaboy of the Little Grass Shack talking story with Reno Anoa’i, a San Francisco, CA (Daly City) teen of Samoan descent in pursuit of his goals as an American Idlol 2015 Contestant. Talking story with Reno, we (LGS crew) quickly noticed how well mannered, humbled, and family oriented this young man is. A true representation of all Polynesians; and the Samoan people.


L-R: Punaboy, Maufou Anoa’i (Mother), Reno Anoa’i, Big Island Emory. Back: Island Emory.

Reno Anoai

Reno Anoa’i – Samoan American Idol Contestant

Reno Anoa’i – Social Media