James Kawika Piimauna Reiplinger, better known simply as Rap was a Hawaiian Local Style comedian, whose humor is an integral part of Hawaii, it’s culture and it’s people. Rap Reiplinger is considered to be one of the fore-fathers of Hawaiian comedy in the likes of the legendary Kent bowman, as well as Mel Cabang, Frank De Lima, James Grant Benton and Ed Ka’ahea.

Rap started his professional comedian career soon after graduating high school. In 1974, along with James Grant Benton and Ed Ka’ahea he was one-third of the comedy tri-ensemble called Booga Booga.

Rap left Booga Booga in 1977 to persue a solo career. In 1978, Raps first solo LP project entitled “Poi Dogs With Crabs” was an instant hit with Hawaii Locals. Even nowadays people are still laughing at funny skits Room Service, Young Kanakas, Date-A-Tita, Mahalo Airlines, and Fate Yanagi – We all knew her!

In 1982 Rap Reiplinger received an Emmy Award and a bronze medal from the International Film and Television Festival of New York for “Most Outstanding Television Production” for his TV special called “Rap’s Hawaii”, which he wrote and starred in.

Watching the video you can’t help but laugh. Kimo the Puka Shell Tour Guide, Murdie Murdock’s Used Cars, Soda A or Soda X – I like the crackah! And of course, not to sweet, not to rancid, but just right hah!? Go check the chicken, go!

Rap Reiplinger was born in July 1950. He attended Punahou Schools, although he’s not on their notable attendee list. Hmmmm… why is that, oh so mighty Buff-N-Blue??? Tragically Rap died in January 1984 from a cocaine overdose at the age of 33.

You can still find and enjoy Rap Reiplinger in his glory simply be searching the internet. Roll Call’s over – Got-to-go-now…