Lana’i – Nature’s Majestic Serenity

Lana’i, The Pineapple Island ~ The island of Lana’i measures at 140 square miles and is located directly south of Moloka’i and west, southwest of Maui. Lana’i is governed by the County of Maui. Lana’i is known as the Pineapple Isle because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation. Most of the island was controlled by James Dole… Dole Pineapple. The official color of Lana’i is orange. The official flower is the Kauna’oa Blossom or orange air dodder plant which grows along roadsides and above the high water mark on beaches.

Lana’i is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Island chain and is the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island of the eight main islands.

A Simple Life Beyond The Grid

Lana’i has a small tight-knit family oriented community just over 3,100 residents. No traffic lights, no shopping malls, no commercial chain restaurants, no problem! In fact, das Au-Guud! The island’s only settlement of is the town of Lana’i City which is located smack in the middle of the island. Lana’i City is built around Dole Park with its general stores, restaurants and public services all within walking distance.

Lanai Island Life

There is only one public school on the island. Lana’i High and Elementary School is the largest of six K-12 public schools in the Hawaiian Islands. Pinelads and Pinelasses is what they call themselves. From 1922 until 1992 the islands main industry was the Dole Plantation. Ah yeah… old style plantation life, the golden years.

Progress Is Not Always About Moving Forward!

After years of uncertainty tourism became the islands main industry with the influx of mega resorts, but over the years both resorts were in decline. In June 2012 Billionaire Larry Ellison purchased 98% of Lana’i Island for an undisclosed price. Ellison forked up several millions to revive the decaying resorts. He did scrap the all Asian decor for traditional Hawaiian.

Larry Ellison is planning a third luxury hotel with up to 100 grass shack bungalows at Kahalepalaoa, on Lanai’s eastern side along with 50 5-acre home lots. Hold on now!

Ask yourself… which Local Hawaiian or Lana’i Filipino can afford a modern custom home that sits on a five acre lot on a resort? Don’t forget the Local people! Mo’ bettah make 200 1/4-acre lots with plantation housing and 100 1-acre lots so they can farm.

Lanai Island Charm

If you make a trip to Lana’i pass on those “mushy” resorts and look into staying at Hotel Lanai. Built in the 1930′s, the “old” hotel features Hawaiian plantation style decor.

 9 Points Of Interest:

  1. Manele Bay Harbor
  2. Hulopo’e Beach
  3. Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods)
  4. Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach)
  5. Pu’uopehe Rock (Sweetheart Rock)
  6. Polihua Beach
  7. Keomoku Village
  8. Kaunolu Village
  9. Kaumalapau Harbor