Pahoa, HI 96778, Puna District, Big Island Hawaii

Pahoa is a small town located in the Puna District on the east side of Hawaii’s Big Island. Pahoa evokes feelings of old Hawaii. Historic Pahoa Village holds on to untouched past with it’s old western style buildings and covered wooden boardwalks/sidewalks. A thriving community where people grow their own food, raise livestock and live off the grid. They come together to buy, sell, and trade to survive.

Pahoa was first a rugged sawmill town. Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Company, also referred to as Pahoa Lumber Company provided it’s first major industry. Railroad ties were the main product, supplied to the U.S. mainland which lead to rail expansion between Pahoa, Keaau, and Hilo. The railways provided easy transport solutions for the Puna Sugar Mill Company during the peak of Hawaii’s sugar production turning Pahoa into a sugar town.

Pahoa’s rich rocky volcanic soil and tropical climate provides perfect conditions for both anthurium flowers and orchids. The majority of the worlds anthurium flowers and orchids come from Pahoa.

Pahoa is home to the Akebono Theater. Built in 1919, it is Hawaii’s oldest & longest running theater still in operation. Grand Champion Yokuzuna Sumu Wrestler Chad Rowan a.k.a. Akebono Taro got his name from ties with the historical theater.

old town

Diversity; From all walks of life.

Pahoa’s diversity is not only found in its surrounding natural attractions from ocean beachfronts to dense rainforest, but also in the culture of it’s people. From old Hawaiians, farming Asians to new age hippies. Abundent dining, entertainment, and community events are just as diverse.

Mom & Pop business’ and general stores still survive. Yet, While the small town slowly expands new construction blends perfectly as modern buildings stay true to the old town facade.

Pahoa… truely a unique experience and lifestyle unfazed by modern progression. Let’s keep it that way!