Kapu Kuʻialua; Kuʻialua; or just Lua: Lua is a Hawaiian martial art. Lua is the short name of Ku’ialua, literally meaning two hits. Ku’ialua was used to defend intruders and invaders.

Ku’ialua started as an unarmed self-defense martial art system. It was based on counter-attacks, defensive throws, joint-locks, bone breaking strikes, and pressure point manipulation that affected the nervous system. The well rounded and complete art of Lua share elements similar to those of karate, judo, juijutsu, aikido, kendo & boxing.

As the martial art evolved Lua acquired battlefield strategy and open ocean warfare. Effective on land or in water, Lua became one the deadliest martial arts with the addition of countless various weapons to include clubs, spears, shark tooth & carved bone knives as well as firearms from obtained from Europeans.

Staying true to it’s defensive origin, Lua also included spear catching and weapon deflection. Lua focused on “mana”; the power and life force. During ancient times the martial art was called Kapu Ku’ialua. Kapu; sacred & forbidden, with special previlege;

Only taught & practiced by high chief Ali’i, royal family members and professional warriors. However, during times of warfare, the maka’ainana (commoners) were also instructed in the basic movements and functions of the martial art.

Olohe Lua – Lua Master:
The word for Lua masters, olohe, literally means “hairless”. Warriors would coat themselves with coconut oil and remove all of their body hair in order to be able slip away and avoid being grappled during battles.