June 22, 2016 UPDATE: Las Vegas was rewarded an NHL expansion team to start play at T-Mobile Arena for the 2017-2018 hockey season.

One of the most trending discussions in sports today is the developing stories of having top level professional sports in Sin City Las Vegas. While the NFL Raiders are a hot topic (another story), it’s NHL hockey leading the way. The notion of having a NHL team in Las Vegas has been rumored for a long while, for several years to be exact. There’s no such thing as a sure bet, but odds are in favor of it happening, real soon.

Fortune 500 businessman and multi-millionaire Bill Foley is spearheading the mission of turning a dream into reality. Partnered with the Maloof’s (Palms Casino Resort), Foley/Maloof Sports & Entertainment, LLC through it’s project website has already secured over 14,000 deposits for season tickets of a team that doesn’t even exist, yet.

Relocation vs Expansion Options
1) It’s a fact that the Carolina Hurricanes are struggling financially. As an option, it was noted the team could be sold & rebranded for relocation to Las Vegas putting expansion on hold.

2) The NHL had been contemplating a 2-team league expansion with Las Vegas, Seattle & Quebec City (Canada) in the running. What was supposed to be a vote and possible announcement of NHL expansion of awarded cities on June 22, 2016 has already been leaked out to the media. An undisclosed person having direct knowledge of the NHL’s decision claims the NHL has already chosen Las Vegas as one of its next expansion franchise for the 2017-2018 season. Quebec City would be awarded the second franchise for the 2018-2019 season. This, of course is unofficial and (could still be viewed as) speculative until the June 22 NHL Board of Governors meeting. And… Foley, Maloofs, investors, and organizers come up with a gigantic $500 million league expansion fee.

Option 2 seems to be forming a considerable precedence. Get’er Done!

ESPN Report

Black Knights


If all goes as expected, Las Vegas’ new hockey team would make the newly built 20,000 seat state-of-the-art T-Mobile Arena its home. Discussions are in progress on what (name) to call the new hockey team. Popular choices were Aces and Black Knights; which is the name of Foley’s financial services company as well as U.S. Army’s West Point Military Academy where Foley graduated.

Other less desirable names/designs:
Atom Bombs… It blows!
Silver Six… No clue.
Jokers… I can hear the jokes now.
Outlaws… Been there, done that, at least twice.
Kings… Hello?!?!?!
Bones… Huh?!
Black Jacks… Not bad, but…
Black Jacks (2)… Silly rabbit!
Lucky… How Charming!
Streak… Ray Stevens, Duh!
Rat Pack… Ho-hum.
Irrigators… On drugs!
Unicorns… Some really good drugs!
Strippers… For real?!?!?!
Hookers… Seriously?!
Sin… Lingerie football.
Sharp Shooters… That’ll go well, not!
Chance… No chance in hell.
Odds… Less than 1%.
Dealers… Cards or drugs? No!
Flamingos… Geez!
Cards… WTF?!
Villains… Just what we need.
Desert Ice… How ’bout the North Dakota Heat?
Nordiques… Same (lack of) concept as above.
Chips… Oh HELL NO!