Honorable and feared Koa

Hawaiian Warriors named after the Hawaiian native tree and wood that their weapons were crafted from.

The ancient Hawaiian military was primitive, yet incredibly advanced. They developed a wide array of battle tactics and unique Hawaiian weapons that were both effective and devastating.

Ancient Hawaiian military developed pike formations without the use of metal weaponry or metal protective armor.

They used incredible ingenuity to fashion heavy tropical woods into pikes, spears, daggers and war clubs. They were amazingly resourceful, using swordfish swords for daggers and sharks teeth on slashing weapons.


Ancient Hawaiians also wove slings and formed deadly high-speed ammunition from dense volcanic rock and stones. One of the most interesting weapons the ancient Hawaiians deployed were trip wire-like weapons and strangulation cords.

Hawaiian warriors were trained in Lua, the deadly Hawaiian marshal art which emphasized bone-breaking, punching, kicking, wrestling, pressure point attacks and strangulation.

For personal defense Hawaiian warriors lathered their body with oil, making them difficult to grip. Nobles wore protective capes woven with fabric and layered feathers. These capes had brightly colored designs on them, in fact a whole industry centered around collecting feathers for them. Capes were used as shields to block missile weapons and enemy blows. These capes were also used to whip and trip their opponents before finishing them off.

For head protection Hawaiian Warriors wore gourd helmets with holes cut out for vision. Based on rank or status helmet gourds were decorated with features and brightly colored.