Kimo (the frog) of Kimo Leads The Way® is the true ambassador of encouragement now available through www.KimoLeadsTheWay.org to everyone facing major life changes and illnesses, in addition to everyday events with reminders to just hang loose, no worries and enjoy life. Kimo is transforming lives with PMA ~ Positive Mental Attitude. The non-profit organization provides support to everyone facing the challenge of cancer therapy and other treatments to bring synergy of hope. Kimo Leads The Way® booklets of Affirmations along with Kimo dolls are given to children in hospitals through various agencies.

Over 20 years ago, Kimo was created by Lynette Macauley for a line of fun and colorful adult and children’s t-shirts sold in Las Vegas at popular Hawaiian events to remind our Pacific Islanders living in Las Vegas to hang loose, stay cool, everything is going to be alright. The original t-shirt also displayed the wording “Aloha Las Vegas.” Kimo is the friendly representative and reminder that the Aloha Spirit also thrives here in Las Vegas.