World renown reggae artist Pato Banton at a Hawaiian school in Honolulu experienced an eye-opening and humbling lesson in history… Hawaiian history. One that will forever be on his mind and in his heart.

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“I just had my mind blown by a united group of Hawaiian children between the ages of 8 and 18 at Halau Lokahi – A New Century Public Charter School.”

I was just about to sing “Go Pato” which is one of my biggest hits all over North and South America. (Especially Mexico & Brazil!) At the end of this song I mention all the 50 States of America in a speed rap. But when I asked these children how many states were in America they all shouted 49!!!!! And left me speechless and very emotional.

After looking back in history and seeing how much injustice was done here by the American Government, I now understand why “many” Hawaiians still feel resentful about the overthrow of their Monarchy and the over development of their lands. I also understand why “some” White Americans experience hostility when they travel to Hawaii. I sincerely believe that the USA needs to take accountability for the crimes they have committed against the Sovereignty of the People of the Hawaiian Islands and make amends. heart emoticon Do you have any thoughts……?”
Pato Banton

Halau Lokahi – A New Century Public Charter School
401 Waiakamilo Rd
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
(808) 832-3594