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Las Vegas Poi Challenge

Here in Las Vegas getting a bag of poi can be challenging. Poi is in such demand that it gets a little frustrating trying to get to a Hawaiian/Local food establishment before they sell out.

I’ve been following Mana Ai – Daniel Anthony for a while and decided I would attempt my own “poi-pounding” session. I headed out to 168 Market (Asian & Pacific Island Grocery) and picked up several pounds of kalo (taro). For ease of use I opted for the already cleaned/skinned (raw) variation over the uncleaned.

Not having access to a board or poi pounder I really had to think this over; best way to do it, in the kitchen. Several instructional videos later I decided I would boil my kalo in 1 part water, 1 part coconut milk, and some Hawaiian salt.

Once done I let the boiled kalo cool off. Thought about getting a good size river rock from my backyard landscaping, but came to my senses. Grabbed the wife’s potato masher and stared mashing away.

Next, I took advantage of modern convenience and started “pounding” away with a Braun high-powered Hand Blender. Carefully adding a little water at a time; each time getting closer to the desired consistency and texture.

Almost pau, but now I had to get rid of the lumps. Pulled out the flour sifter screen and filtered out the lumps and small purple fibers.

Mean! Buggah was ono! Fingah Likin’ Onolicious! Talk about feeling good and glowing with pride and sense of accomplishment. The whole process (first timer) including boiling took around 3hrs. This is how I will eat my poi from now on. No more purple stuff in a bag!