Hawaiian Buffet at Festival Buffet – Fiesta Henderson

NOTE: This review is for the Hawaiian Specialty Night (Hawaiian Buffet) on Wednesday nights portion of the restaurant only.

Punaboy says:
As far as “Hawaiian” or “island style” goes… all wrong. The kalua, chicken long rice and the roast pork looked, well… like it came from an intermediate (middle) school lunch cafeteria. The macaroni salad look like “haole-style” ready made stuff you see at the Albertson’s deli. Hate to be so negative, but… yeah, fo’ real. The staff was friendly.

For $9.99 thank goodness they had other types of food. Their American food section was actually pretty damn good, Mexican food was alright. Gotta say ‘a’ole to the Hawaiian night, they couldn’t even spell Hawaiian or macaroni correct. Best part of the Hawaiian Buffet was the beautiful purple sign which my camera can’t do justice to. To their defense they were only open for a month when I gave it a try. Still though, you’re professional chefs & cooks, you should get it right.

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Hawaiian Buffet

Um... 'A'ole
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