To raise awareness [posted with no intent of persuasion]. Whether you support this movement or not you have to admire these Hawaiian people as they demonstrate against the opposition with humbleness, respect, and utmost humanity. Proud to be Hawaiian; Kanaka Maoli. Activist took the American flags down at University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College. The American flags were folded and handed over to university and college administrators.

With recent protest and demonstrations in turmoil giving reasons for riots and looting in Ferguson, MO, around St Louis, MO, and around the nation it is refreshing to see a peaceful, non-violent event. Maybe, the rest of United States of America can learn a thing or two from the very same people (descendants) who lost their nation due to the overthrow in 1893.

(ABOVE VIDEO) Footage taken by David Lakota documents the events on December 1 at the University of Hawaii’s Hilo campuses. Edited by David Corrigan and voiced by Sherry Bracken. For the full news story on the peaceful demonstration please visit Big Island Video News.



From Hawaiian Kingdom:

“La‘akea Caravalho and other students from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo met with the University’s Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Gail Makuakane-Lundin regarding their request that the Hawaiian Kingdom flag fly will no longer be flown below the American flag as it has since the occupation began on August 12, 1898, but will be flown on a separate flagpole of equal height to the American flag. Additionally, the Hawaiian Kingdom flag will be the first to be raised and the last to be lowered each day.

In the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Makuakane-Lundin told the students that the administration for the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo took their request very seriously, and after they met to discuss the matter the administration decided that the students’ request would be honored.”

Details at Hawaiian Kingdom Blog.