Hawaiian Legends

Pele is the Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind, Volcanoes and Dance. She is known as ka wahine ai honua, the woman who devours the land.

According to Hawaiian legend Pele was born in Tahiti. Renowned for her power, jealousy, passionate and fiery temperament she was exiled by her father for fighting with sister Namaka, Godess of the Sea after seducing her husband.

Pele left Tahiti in a canoe and went to Hawaii where she made many fiery volcanoes by digging pits into the ground, thrusting her ‘o’o (digging stick) into the earth.

She first landed on Kaua’i, but whenever she tried to dig a pit for her home, Namaka, Goddess of Water and the Sea, would flood the pits with her ocean waves.

Pele continued moving down the island chain, to O’ahu. She dug several pits, but Namaka was there to flood each. Pele’s last home on O’ahu was called Le’ahi; Diamond Head.

Pele moved to Moloka’i, then onto Maui, atop Haleakala. Still, Namaka’s ocean waves would drown Pele’s fire.

Hawaii Volcano

Once again, Pele kept moving. She landed on the Big Island of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Namaka’s largest waves could not reach the high mountains to drown Pele’s fires. With no threats of Namaka, Pele found her home on Hawai’i Island. Eventually, Pele settled on Kilauea, Halemaumau. She continue’s to release her fiery, thrusting her ‘o’o to the land. Most recent, Pu’u O’o where she reminds us of her power.