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The story line seemed slow to build, like I was waiting (wait for it…) for something great to happen and it never came. Or, did I miss it? Nah, just that it was a subtle build before understanding really, what the story was about. It had a great story line, but not the best presentation. Kelly Hu’s (bartender) short scene early on kept me interested. The Local tita talking Hawaii Pidgin, the look, the attitude, she nailed it!

Still, the film didn’t let me down in the sense that it ended the way I wanted it to. Majority Hawaiian, Local, & Polynesian actors & actress’. Pretty good movie. Was it great? No. Would I watch it again? Of course I would, it’s about Hawaii right?! I think the most intriguing aspect of it all was that the movie took place in Hawaii, about hula, the people, the culture. And, the fact that I watched it as part of GATHR Theatrical On Demand® at Brenden Theatres and IMAX at the Palms where I enjoyed a movie presentation along with a “meet & greet” with actors.


The Haumana (Under the Hula: Life Within the Dance)

An independent feature film produced in Hawai’i.

A Film By Keo Woolford. A production of Hula Nation Filmworks, The Haumana is an independent feature film produced in Hawai’i. It was filmed entirely on the island of Oahu in just 17 days. The film was written & directed by Keo Woolford. Born and raised in Hawaii, Keo has also found success as an actor, song writter, and multi-disciplinary music artist. Keo is a member of Robert Cazimero’s Halau Na Kamalei O Lililehua.

Film Focus

The art of Hawaiian dance known as hula is more popular than ever. However, most of the images in the global mass media continue to send inaccurate and marginalized representations of this sacred tradition. As the filmmakers and creative team come from a deep hula lineage, this film aspires to be an enlightening yet entertaining movie that offers a perspective closer to their experience.

The Story

Jonny Kealoha is a host of a cheesy Polynesian lu’au show in Waikiki. To everyone’s surprise, including his own, Jonny is appointed as the unlikely successor to lead a high school boy’s hula class when his former Kumu Hula passes away. Jonny accepts the challenge, only to realize he is as much a student as a teacher as he rediscovers the culture he had previously abandoned.

The Film

The Haumana is classified as a drama, released in May 2013. The Haumana has already received several feature awards since it’s debut. The all Hawaii Local cast include lead-actor Tui Asau, with supporting roles by Tauarii Nahalea-Marama, JD Tanuvasa, Cedric Jonathan, Christopher Latronic, Saitia Faaifo, Buddy Martin, Uluwehiikawekiuokalani Keaunui, Mary Pa’alani, Marlene Sai, and Kelly Hu as Linda, the tom-boyish tita Bartender.

Cultural and Hula Advisors

Robert Cazimero – Kumu Hula, Halau Na Kamalei o Lililehua
Michael Lanakila Casupang – Kumu Hula, Halau I Ka Wekiu


[caption id="attachment_3331" align="aligncenter" width="860"]Saitia Faaifo Saitia Faaifo[/caption]

The Haumana - Hula Nation Filmworks
Hawaii & Island CultureKelly Hu's Role
Slow PartsNot Captivating
3.4Pretty Good!
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