By Douglas H Wise

Hawaiian Airlines is often the obvious choice for approaching the breathtaking islands. The travelers have a good reason for making this choice. Outstanding services, wonderful inflight ambiance and economical flights make it a great choice for passengers traveling to Hawaii. However, the airline has a vast network of flights operating to many other destinations unheard of.

One of the many reasons because of which the airline enjoys its popularity is the hospitality offered by the crew which makes the passenger feel truly special. The airline has managed to create a magnetic ambiance through the theme videos that promote the many islands of Hawaii. The background Hawaiian music is what many passengers inflight. For entertainment, the passengers are offered special magazines that help them to learn more about the heavenly Hawaii.

The airline successfully operates for millions of passengers and its first class is a great choice for traveling to various destinations. To win an upgrade and save money on flying first class, we have some great tips for you!

1. Use Your Miles

In today’s time, nearly everyone can fly first class for less. Luckily, air miles have made it possible. All the passenger needs to do is to sign up with the reward program of the airline. The signup seldom costs anything, but it brings back a lot for the passenger in the form of valuable rewards. Upon the collection of a certain number of miles, the passenger is entitled to get an upgrade or even win a free ticket! So how do we use the miles to win an upgrade? The Hawaiian Miles offers an excellent reward program which allows you to get upgraded to the first class. However, it is very important to get this process done more than 26 hours before you are meant to fly. For upgrades of the reward holders, the Hawaiian Airline Reservations needs to be contacted. The sooner you take the action, the better it is for you!

However, the discounts do not stop there. If you’re a holder of cards such as the Hawaiian Airline Mastercard, you can benefit in a lot of ways which the regular passengers cannot!

Getting to know about the reward program and benefits takes time and requires a lot of study, but once you get your way around it there’s nothing better than that.

2. Alternate Ways

If for some personal reason you do not wish to become a member of the rewards program of the airline, you still have the chance of winning an upgrade as an ordinary passenger. Although the chances of it are far lesser, there’s no harm in trying your luck. If you wish to do it in advance, you can do so by contacting the reservation desk or even by accessing the website of Hawaiian Airline.

If there are less than 24 hours left for you to fly and you make up your mind for flying first class of the airline, you can do so through the ‘Web Check-in’ on the website. However, there’s only a slim chance of you getting an upgrade on such a short notice.

Fulfill your dreams of flying first class with Hawaiian Airlines by trying your luck with one of the methods mentioned above!

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