Farmers Market Hawaii is an independent shop for clothes, hats & accessories influenced by street art & Hawaiian island pop culture. In 2012 Keoni Payton (Defend Hawaii) shared his visions with friends Raliegh Robertson and Sean-Paul Wilkerson. Together, the three Hawaii Local boys created a “fresh” brand inspired by everyday life experiences from living in Hawaii. In July of 2012, the “Pineapple Clan” opened shop in Honolulu. On Black Friday (Nov) 2014 Farmers Market Hawaii opened its doors on the 9th Island, Las Vegas. – 8174 South Las Vegas blvd (& Windmill).


Keoni Payton has teamed up with Todd Shimabuku of HNRS (Honors) in Las Vegas to bring the latest in apparel and accessories.

“When you think of a farmers market, many thoughts and feelings come to mind. The idea of freshness. The quality of something made by someone from nearby. Mostly a sense of community. That’s what we envision for Farmer’s Market Hawaii; but instead of fruits and vegetables, we sell clothes and related apparel. Each design is a fresh product of its surrounding environment.”

Farmers Market Hawaii takes a unique approach when it comes to targeting their market audience. As fresh and creative as their clothing line, their YouTube videos accentuates the exciting island pop culture lifestyle.