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If you are planning for a holiday that should be able to relax your mind and soul, then Samoa can be the next destination for you. Whether you are a single traveler, a family or honeymooner, the pristine and luxuries Samoa resorts have everything to offer.

Samoa, a group of islands, located in South Pacific Ocean, Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, and east of International Date Line is sometime referred to as the “treasure island”. There are so many experiences that you can get indulged into while being in Samoa resorts. From relaxing on white beach while sipping your favorite cocktail, enjoying water sports or witness the beauty of nature, Samoa is a perfect retreat for nature and culture lovers. Samoa does not only have beautiful waterfalls, sunshine all year round, also exciting experiences like blowholes and amazing caves, something special for all ages.

If we talk about accommodation in Samoa, there are a range of accommodation that varies from luxury hotels in Samoa to cheap motels and Beach Fales (traditional huts).

Samoa is a paradise for the travelers loving water activities, as it offers all kind of water sports varying from adventurous sports like scuba diving and surfing to the soothing ones like fishing. For people seeking mind blowing marine life, they can’t get a place better than Samoa. Samoa offers a huge variety of exotic fishes, turtle, sharks and dolphins. You are sure to get astonished by the magical beauty, both above and below the water.

During the time you stay at your Samoa accommodation, you can enjoy not only water activities, hiking the tropical rain forests or exploring caves can be very exciting too. During the hiking: discover the beauty of the rainforest, swim in the ponds by the awesome waterfalls, experience the blowholes and mangroves.

We have been talking about the beauty and the activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Samoa, but if you want to feel the real Samoan culture, an accommodation at a local Samoan village is the best option. The local people are very friendly and you may never know if you are lucky enough to witness the spectacular fire knife dance or be invited to play their traditional game “kirikiti”. The local market is a great place to hang out, enjoying the amazing local cuisine and the handicrafts that can secure the memory of your Samoa vacation.

Talking about climate, it is good to know that the climate is generally hot and humid, but most days have a nice breeze cooling the air. If you like it slightly cooler then pick a Samoa hotel located higher up the hills. There is no better place with culture, comfort and closeness to town than the Le Manumea Hotel with it’s spacious bungalows and personal attention to details.

Samoa is well known for its seafood. You will have a great variety of Samoan food with a touch of class at Le Manumea Hotel.

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