Supremely beautiful; keu ā ka uʻi
Sig Zane teamed up with HAYN to create a line of “designer” quality rubbah slippahs. Like all Sig Zane products, these rubbah slippahs feature elegantly creative Hawaiiana designs on the base. The strap contains the HAYN logo.

HAYN (pronounced ha-why-in)
Kuhao was barely two years old and he wanted to wear my slippers. Watching him slide his tiny feet in my big rubber slippers and taking those few steps were moments of endearment!

When HAYN approached us to collaborate on their initial product roll-out we were stoked! Using natural rubber and creating two layers of different densities, they essentially make a super rubber slipper. Not all slippers are created equal. We jumped at the chance to create a real Hawaiian slipper!

It’s important to us to honor tradition. We practice this everyday. With these slippers, it means that we begin with ulu. The breadfruit design is all about growth, inspiration, and symbolically, about where we come from. Uluwehi Keaukaha is the first design. Secondly, we wanted to celebrate our heritage. Uluwehi O Ke Kai, our family’s popular song and hula, is the other design. We live in slippers. Everyday, and sometimes, all day.

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