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Da Kama’aina’s Mayor – Governed By The Spirit Of Aloha

by Punaboy

If you ever listened to the Little Grass Shack Radio Show on KUNV 91.5 FM Las Vegas (you’re missing out, if you haven’t) then you probably heard show host DJ’s “Island Emory” and myself, “Punaboy” mention Billy Kenoi a time or two… or three. While we don’t get into the nitty-gritty of politics we do admire and promote the Aloha that the Hawaii County Mayor possesses and lives by. The way I see it, anyone who holds a position in office is there to represent and serve the community; they work for the people. Seems as though many have forgotten this service commitment, but not Billy; he still abides by it – applause, standing ovation.

For certain, his character, charisma, and “Local Boy” mentality are not of political norm, yet compelling and very successful. My focus here is on the approach Billy Kenoi presents while holding a position integral to the community. He’s a smart, well educated man who knows how to communicate with people, never forgetting where he came from, who he is, and the values of Aloha bestowed in his heart and mind. It’s about attitude and having a positive mindset. Taking responsibility, challenging obstacles, finding solutions, and moving forward. IMUA – LIVE ALOHA ~

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William P. Kenoi is a Hawaiian politician who has served as Mayor of Hawaii County since 2008. Before being elected mayor, Kenoi served as a legislative aide in the State House and State Senate, a law clerk, a deputy public defender, and an Executive Assistant to then-mayor Harry Kim.

Wikiwiki Bio

Billy Kenoi was born in Kalapana, lived on the Waiakea side of Hilo and attended Waiakea High School. Billy attended both Hawaii Community College and University of Hawaii at Hilo, but then transferred to University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1990, and graduated in 1993. Many of his friends actually thought he attended Harvard, an inside joke/rumor. Billy transferred through the National Student Exchange program, and later became the NSE’s President in his first year there. In 1992, Kenoi worked as an intern to Senator Daniel Inouye.

Upon graduating, Kenoi worked as a Legislative Aide to State Representative Les Ihara, Jr. during the 1993 Legislative Session. He then occupied the same position in the State Senate during the 1995 and 1996 sessions. After graduating from the William S. Richardson School of Law in 1996, Kenoi passed the bar exam on his first attempt and then served as a clerk for Judge Richard K. Perkins of the Eighth Division of the First Circuit. Kenoi then worked as a Deputy Public Defender, where he served in the Appellate, Family Court, Juvenile Criminal and Adult Family Court divisions, before finishing his career at the Public Defender’s Office at the Circuit Court. Beginning in 2001, Kenoi served as an Executive Assistant to Hawaii mayor Harry Kim, where he worked to address issues including crystal methamphetamine use, as well as homelessness and housing. Billy Kenoi became Hawaii County Mayor in 2008 and re-elected in 2012.


To Perpetuate In Righteousness

Managing an island, a Big Island is no easy task. Yet, it seems Billy accepts the challenge eagerly looking for solutions. He knows the people of the Big Island. He can communicate, he knows how to talk to people. It’s been a long time coming, Hawaii Island needed restored assurance that matters would be considered. You may have a difference of opinion in matters, but can certainly appreciate his passion to succeed and obtain desired outcomes. His mana’o and Aloha is sincere. On the lighter side of things… He’s having fun being the “Ali’i” of the island he grew up on – Can’t get much better than that!

The way Billy Kenoi presents himself in public reflects who he really is. He’s been that way even as a youngster; small kid time. He can be a comedian, but yet there’s a real message behind it. He’s fo’ real. We come from the same community, the same era, and (it’s safe to say) possess much of the same values. We went to high school together, had the same teachers, played on the same football teams, had the same head coach, former Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim who we looked up to.

Except for status updates on Facebook, it’s been years since I’ve seen him. One thing for certain, “garans kine” Billy Kenoi has made a difference, restoring community pride on the Big Island as well as the entire state of Hawai’i. And mahalo to today’s technology, transplanted Hawaii Locals (kama’aina on da 9th Island) can still Live Aloha and be inspired by his public speaking. Proud to be Hawaiian – Proud to be a Big Island Local. Wow, could you imagine having Billy as the mayor of Las Vegas? OK, I’m getting way off course here, but it would be joyful if Las Vegas’ officials could learn and live the Aloha Spirit.

Maui County Council Speech

County of Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi’s keynote address at the January 2015 Inauguration Ceremony for the Maui County Council speech is up for the Golden Post Award, at GovernmentSocialmMedia.com.

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