Video – KHON2 News: Living808 featuring the North Las Vegas Aloha Shoyu distribution warehouse. Visit the Aloha Shoyu (Southwest Company) Las Vegas warehouse to pick up your favorite products!

4080 North Pecos Road Ste.102
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

Aloha Shoyu Company

In 1946, five Japanese families created the Aloha Shoyu Company in a small factory in Kalihi, Hawaii. A multi-ethnic district, Kalihi was located just outside of downtown Honolulu, which served as home and work place for many of O‘ahu’s people. This team had an entrepreneurial spirit that guided them through years of tough competition and limited capital to be Hawaii’s market leader in Soy Sauce sales.

Soy Sauce is an essential flavor component in many Asian cuisines. Most recently, Soy Sauce has gained international appeal and is gaining popularity in more and more Western kitchens. This unique sauce is a special blend of soy beans, wheat and salt, to create a flavorful condiment that is now included in many recipes ranging from meat marinades to salad dressings.