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Las Vegas Hawaiian Connection

What’s The Attraction

Hawaii: Beautiful beaches, lush green rain forest, mild year around temperatures.  Las Vegas: Dry brown desert, scorching hot summers… Why do so many islanders move to Las Vegas?  Everyone’s situation is unique, although… lower cost of living, career opportunities, further education,  follow family members, military obligation, those are all popular reasons as to why former Aloha State residents make the journey.

Las Vegas is Hawaii residents #1 vacation destination. Head to downtown Las Vegas (Boyd Gaming Properties) and see for yourself. Hawaii Kama’aina love to gamble!

What’s The Connection

The Las Vegas Valley (Las Vegas, NV) is known as the 9th Island (Ninth Island) of Hawaii because so many former Hawaii Kama’aina (Locals) call the valley home. Census numbers are conflicting due to race/nationality grouping and by NV DMV. Reliable sources claim between 30,000 – 35,000 former Hawaii Locals live throughout the valley (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson).

Add the rest of the island nation transplants (Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Guam, New Zealand, etc) to the group, now you’re looking at well over 70,000 Pacific Islanders. Add the Asian, (Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc) that number gets close to 200,000; Asian – Pacific Islanders.

Aloha Valley, the website

Aloha Valley, 9th Island Las Vegas

Hawaii Vegas Connection

Your Hawaiian & Pacific Island connection in Las Vegas! Keeping former Hawai’i residents in touch with the islands. Sharing the love with “Hawaiians at Heart” who embrace the culture.

Preserving heritage, continuing to live as islanders, teaching island traditions, while learning unfamiliar lifestyles has enabled us to develop a culture unique to the desert Ninth Island. This is how we live.

Online Presence

Aloha Valley has been online since March 2002. Our website format and delivery of content has drastically changed over the years, attempting to keep pace as the internet culture advances forward.

Our primary mission has stood the test of time, providing accessible information to the community; to spread the “Spirit of Aloha”.  As always, we are here for all to enjoy and take part.

Punaboy Da Webmastah

This is my website

This Is My Story

Howzit, how you?! My name Punaboy, Da Webmastah. Dis how Hawaii Local kama’aina stay in touch with Hawaiian & Local Style da kine stuff. Sharing da Aloha wit malihini dat show da pono about Hawai’i Nei.

Stay Local, stay Island, stay Hawaiian (Kanaka Ma’oli), stay true! No fo’get whea you come from, who you stay. Spread da Aloha, keep da Aloha. Know da oddah peoples ways so you come mo’ akamai. Das how we do’em. K-den.

  • 1/2 Podagee 50%
  • 1/4 Filipino 25%
  • 1/8 Hawaiian 12.5%
  • 1/8 Chinese 12.5%
  • 100% Local 100%

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